The Return of Ahmed Klink and Juan Carlos Pagan pt 2 "How Can You Get Good Work Out of People if They’re Scared?"

About this episode

This is a the second part of our conversation with Juan Carlos Pagan and Ahmed Klink, the co-founders of Sunday Afternoon. This time we talk about pettiness and haterade in the creative industry (of which there is A LOT), the pros and cons of the perception of youth, the toxicity of fear culture, and sacrifices of opening your own studio. Also who owns All is revealed (and it’s pretty funny).

About the show

First Generation Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants the children of immigrants. It is a platform to celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in this America. Also, it’s just a bunch of fun conversations with good people.

Rich Tu is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is also first generation Filipino-American and who cares about culture and the future.

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