Gavin Alaoen "He Did It For the Memes"

About this episode

SEASON FINALE! Gavin Alaoen is the Social Art Director at MTV. He also created the "McKayla is NOT IMPRESSED" meme, and was the last person to Boomerang Bobby Shmurda before he was incarcerated. He is also a fellow First Generation Filipino-American who grew up on the West Coast, only to find himself in the hallowed halls of Music Television. Gavin and Rich talk about the recent VMAs, Popeyes chicken sandwich, the DNA of a successful Meme, and how fatherhood has changed his perspective. Also, there’s a cameo from Sandie Cheng from the Now In Color podcast.

About the show

First Generation Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants the children of immigrants. It is a platform to celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in this America. Also, it’s just a bunch of fun conversations with good people.

Rich Tu is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is also first generation Filipino-American and who cares about culture and the future.

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