Ida Woldemichael "It's a Reminder to my Mom's Generation, 'Be You, We Love You'"

About this episode

In the Season 3 opener, we talk to Ida Woldemichael, a Harlem based creative director with Everytown. The heart of her work is design for political activism, and branding. Her work spans from design with top-tier agencies to notable non-profit organizations including: Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary for America, NYC Votes, and USAID. We talk about her family's origins in Eritrea, her experience working on the Hillary campaign and the disappointment of election night, and the role of multiculturalism in commercial design.

About the show

First Generation Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants the children of immigrants. It is a platform to celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in this America. Also, it’s just a bunch of fun conversations with good people.

Rich Tu is an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is also first generation Filipino-American and who cares about culture and the future.

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